Engineering and Special Projects

In an effort to better serve you, DWB Consultants offers additional engineering services. This is the advantage of having a flexible team that can adapt to your needs.

DWB Consultants parc aquatique construction sur mesure

Recreation and tourism sector

Our team works with Quebec ski resorts to certify ski lifts and ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements. We also design various structures for amusement and water parks.  

Additionally, we are authorized to issue certificates of compliance to contractors, owner-builders and owner-operators for construction work and ride safety.

Our expertise in recreation and tourism engineering:

  • Ski lifts/Alpine ski centres
  • Water slides/Water parks
  • Rides/Amusement parks

Occupational health and safety

Calling on DWB Consultants for professional services in the occupational health and safety sector is a smart choice! Our skills and strengths help you stand out from the crowd and guarantee the safety of your work teams.

Let us guide you through occupational health and safety. We offer a wide range of professional services:

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Dangerous machinery securement
  • Lifeline design
  • Normative studies
  • Business and management practice assessments
  • OHS assessments and action plans
  • Staff training assistance
  • Operation and process optimization
  • Equipment optimization and design
  • Prevention procedure and program development, reviews and updates
  • Project management for occupational injury prevention and compensation
  • Strategic OHS management for prevention, compensation and funding
DWB Consultants respect de sécurité, santé au travail

Additional engineering services provided by DWB consultants

  • Ongoing improvements
  • Normative studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Staff training assistance
  • Implementation of operational and maintenance procedures and records
  • RFP management
  • Project management

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