Our team

Composed of a family of over 100 employees, DWB Consultants is proud to rely on an experienced, loyal, and dedicated team to the success of your projects. Our engineers and technicians, senior and intermediate, put their experience and knowledge to work for a dynamic and committed younger generation within the company.

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DWB Consultants - Une équipe solide à votre service

Our evolution

Founded in 2002 in the Laurentians, DWB Consultants started out by offering consulting engineering services mainly in the structure of mining and industrial buildings to a local clientele. It was only a few years later that the team diversified its services to meet the growing demand from various other sectors.

Following organic growth and business opportunities that now answer to clients from one end of the country to the other, our offices have multiplied and settled across the Quebec territory. This expansion has recently reached as far as Ontario where the latest office has opened!

Throughout our 10 offices, a unique corporate culture that combines the professional development of each individuals and the spirit of kinship within the company is prioritized. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise from our experienced members for the training of rising generations. The development and learning of juniors guarantee a legacy of knowledge and skills valuable not only for the individual, but as a collective progression of employees and the firm.

Today, our multidisciplinary teams allow for the realization of large-scale projects in more than 6 disciplines, always favoring the trust and loyalty of our clients and our numerous partners.

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