electrical engineering

DWB Consultants has developed extensive expertise in electrical engineering for a wide range of sectors: hospitals, schools, municipal, commercial and industrial buildings.

DWB Consultant - Electrical planning services

Just like building mechanics, building electricity systems are numerous.

In addition to lighting, which is one of the main components of electricity and where we make sure your building has the best possible functionality, we design the electrical distribution for the entire building. We then integrate all the other services required, according to the needs of your project.

Of course, we work closely with our colleagues in mechanical engineering, as well as the other people involved in your project.

Our expertise in electrical engineering

  • LED lighting
  • Electrical distribution
  • Energy optimization system
  • Lighting control
  • Generator
  • Radiant heating
  • Fire alarm
  • Specialized systems (anti-intrusion, camera, access control)
  • On-call system
  • Street and parking lighting

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